About us

Amesi is a food ingredients manufacturer and supplier who offers ingredients into the food and beverage industry in the sub-Sahara Africa region.

Our organisation was founded in 2013 and has combined 60 years plus of expertise in sweeteners, enzyme-based flour improvers, starches and stabilisers, laboratory test kits, vitamins premixes, flavours and colorants. We currently operate in the Baking, Beverage, Condiments, Confectionary, Convenience, Dairy, Snacks and Seasoning industries through our highly skilled technical team of industry experts.

Our headquarters are based in Johannesburg, and operates a distribution network with branches in West, Central, East and Southern Africa. Amesi sources products and solutions from major global raw material manufacturers and technology providers worldwide.

We capitalise on our proximity to the regional markets to develop and renew on regular basis our in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs while creating synergies aligned to regional and global trends to benefit our customers in offering the best yet practical solutions to the food and beverage industry in Africa.

In 2016, Amesi group entered into a joint venture with Nutrifix Technologies in Johannesburg (South Africa) where some of our products/solutions are manufactured and solely distributed to the markets through our various Amesi regional sales offices.

Our innovative one-stop shop solution offers comprehensive products and services for the benefit of our customers, including laboratory testing, pilot and field trials conducted by our technical support team experts to continually improve formulations and processes whenever necessary.



To become a recognised brand and solutions provider in the African food and beverage industry.


Amesi exists to provide the African food industry with quality and competitively priced specialty food ingredients, which in turn will help countries across Africa meet key objectives of providing food with better nutritional value to their people.

Amesi will achieve this by striving to continually invest in technology and people to supply customers with the right products, at the right price, and delivered on time.

Amesi will continually assess the market conditions to determine any changes in customers’ requirements and ensure the Company is always positioned to respond appropriately and adequately to its customers’ needs.


The Company’s core values are:

Team work

We work in partnership with our customers.


We listen and communicate effectively with all our stakeholders.


We are youthful with passion.


We work with honesty and integrity in all our endeavours.

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