Confectionary Premixes

We manufacture a range of standard as well as custom-made confectionary premixes according to customer specifications. The advantages of using confectionary premixes are consistency, ease of use, labour- & time-saving, reducing the amount of ingredients to purchase and store, and lowers the risk of slow-moving ingredients expiring. Our technical team can recommend and design custom blends whatever the application and processing parameters.

Product Description
Sponge Mix – Vanilla, Chocolate An easy to use complete Sponge Mix where the addition of only water and eggs are required to bake cake sponge of consistent high quality with good volume, light and fluffy and full of flavour. Produces a stable batter which can be deposited by hand or automatic depositors. Suitable for sponges, sponge sheets and swiss rolls.
Madeira Mix Full-flavoured buttery Madeira Mix requiring only the addition of eggs and water to produce an even-textured Madeira cake or slab.
Muffin Mix – Vanilla, Chocolate, Bran User-friendly complete Muffin Mix where only the addition of water, oil and eggs are required to bake light and fluffy muffins with good volume and shelf life. To make Lemon Poppy Seed or Blue Berry flavours, use the vanilla mix and just add proposed fruit, seeds and essence.
Scone Mix A buttery flavoured standard scone mix where the addition of water or milk, eggs and margarine are required. The addition of other products like cheese or fruit can be added to make variations.

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